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I chose to use “Photography With A Vision” as my identity because it’s seeing in a way that tells the story, goes beyond... makes a statement. Photography is my career -- It is my passion. It is the only profession I have wanted to pursue.

My father Alan Coogan, cultivated a love of image making as far back as I can remember. We went camping every summer and I remember early on, taking pictures from a gondola while traveling up the side of a mountain in Canada. . . I thought “this is so cool.” . . . and that was the spark. I wanted to make pictures for the rest of my life.
Growing up in Kent, Ohio -- I had a paper route and became an Eagle Scout, and a certified scuba diver. I started running in Feb. 1985 and have continued running on a regular basis since then (about 25 miles a week) and have run 6 marathons, 2 Triathlons, numerous 10K races and hundreds of miles each year. In 1986 I walked with a group of 300 people from Los Angeles, CA to Washington D.C. on the Great Peace March, shooting 500 rolls of film as the "official" photographer; this was an amazing experience, and my first real attempt at being a "professional photographer." Photos from the Great Peace March will be posted in a gallery in the portfolio section on this site.

For 8 years I assisted many talented photographers, including Martin Reuben, Tom Pastoric, Rick and Tena Cicigoi, Barney Taxel (for 3 years as his full time assistant), Roger Mastroianni, Reed Rahn, Bob Carey, and many more. I owe a debt of gratitude to these photographers for teaching me -- Mentoring me. I soaked up information like a sponge… paid attention to the way things are done and how to be professional. Be creative, work hard, make a commitment to quality and think about the goals of the client.

After working in Cleveland, Ohio with Barney Taxel & Co. for 3 years, I moved out to Phoenix, Arizona in Sept. 1990 and have been happily living in the beautiful, hot, sunny desert ever since.

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