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Gregory Cowley is a San Francisco based photographer known for his ethnographic photography of people from all over the world.

“For me the camera is a tool for looking at situations closely. It gives me a reason to get to know someone, however briefly. More than simply framing a shot—I am crafting a story about the experience I am having with this person… the photograph is a documentation of the event”

Gregory specializes in the multifaceted arena of photographing people. While primarily a portraitist, his photography credits include everything from commercial advertising to celebrity editorial spreads. Gregory’s photos have been published in Wired Magazine and other noted publications and featured in galleries in San Francisco, Portland, New York, Belfast, Paris and Madrid. Gregory’s design and studio photography clients include Adobe, Apple and Levis.

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Specialty:Children,Editorial & Lifestyle,Portrait,Travel & Tourism
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Gregory Cowley Photography
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