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The seeds of my career were planted in Mexico where a boy came to me and stood like a wall in front of me and asked, "Who are you and what do you want?" I froze and I could not meet his gaze. I could not answer.

The next time I recognized the same sort of unaffected gaze was in Santa Cruz, Oaxaca where the Indian population had gathered to celebrate the first communion of some of its children. There I was with group of unassuming, un-affected gazes falling on me, the only stranger. When it was over a priest came to me and asked, "Who are and what do you want?"

I want to tell stories in my work, consequently my work is about who, what and where my subjects are; it is narrative. On a deeper level I seek in my subjects, as a Zen monk put it, "the face you were born with", a moment of unassuming authenticity that transcends the timeliness and self-consciousness of our age.

Ed Carreon began his career as a photojournalist working for major newspapers including the Los Angeles Times, New York Times and USA Today, where he learned to think on his feet, perform under deadline pressure and become a thoughtful story teller. His social skills and capacity for empathy allowed him to enter into the lives of people from different walks of life and from many countries. These skills have helped him to understand the common threads that run through all people's stories. He went on to freelance for major magazines such as Life, National Geographic, Forbes, Fortune, NewsWeek, etc. where he was assigned to do stories on everything from the Los Angeles riots to immigration stories in Mexico. Soon he began to pursue the portrait as a means of story telling as well, and is now sought after as a portrait photographer for annual reports, corporate, advertising and editorial photography clients.

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