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Erika is a Los Angeles based photographer specializing in corporate branding, portraits, fashion and advertising photography. Her work has been featured in Angelino Magazine, Genlux, Beverly Hills [213] Magazine, 944, The L.A. Times, Malibu Magazine, Paper Darts, and many other publications. Her photography landed her an appearance on the Oprah show, and Daily Candy wrote a feature article about her talent for putting her subjects at ease and in "an authentically smiley mood." Other notable clients include Verizon, DeBeers Jewelry, Marani Vodka,
Planet Blue and Honma Golf and her fine art work has been acquired by the Getty Museum for its collection.

Born in California, Erika developed an affinity for photography at an early age - following in the footsteps of her father and grandfather. This appreciation for photography matured into a full fledged passion while living and traveling in Europe and Southeast Asia, documenting her experiences and observations with the camera.

Fun facts about Erika: she has tea at 3pm every day, her first car was a 64' Beetle, she dreams of visiting Africa, she'll never say "no" to dessert, if she weren't a photographer she'd be a pastry chef, and her favorite shoes are a pair of cowboy boots.

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Erika Seress Photography
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