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We are a Los Angeles commercial advertising studio, specializing in exclusive, custom stock photography libraries for clients worldwide, as well as pet related photography for many of the country’s top pet services companies. We offer full production services, from casting to catering and everything inbetween. At ease in our home studio of 4500 sqft, as well as on location in the desert, mountains, park or beach. We'll go where you need us.

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Category:Professional Photographers
Specialty:Advertising & Commercial,Animals, Pets & Horses,Children,Editorial & Lifestyle
Company:Randy Schwartz Photography
Name:Randy Schwartz
Address: 2675 Skypark Drive
Torrance CA 90505
E-mail: casey@randyschwartphoto.com
Website: www.randyschwartzphoto.com
Rep's Name:Marie Anne Aizec
Rep's Phone:323 899 4144
Rep's E-mail: marieanne@velvetartists.com
Rep's Website: velvetartists.com/


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Randy Schwartz Photography
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