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In 2007, Alan started shooting food photography and quickly fell in love with this new genera.

For over four years, Alan has been shooting incredible food and drink images for small and large restaurants and food industry businesses in the southern California area. He is known for his aggressive approach to getting the most unique and exotic shots which a lot of times require very complicated lighting set-ups and equipment.

In the summer of 2010, Alan shot his first cookbook Moorish Fusion Cuisine- Conquering the New Word. Working with executive chef Zouhair Zaire who credits include cooking for the President of the United States, Alan developed new lighting and composition techniqes that took his skills to a new level. Become a fan of Moorish Fusion Cuisine.

An accomplished travel and commercial photographer , Alan De Herrera has spent his entire life chasing his dream of shooting the things he's most passionate about. He has always been fascinated with the technical and creative expertise required to shoot powerful images. His vast array of work over the years is impressive and his travel and photojournalism work has been published in several newspapers and magazines over the years.

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Rio Photography
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