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I grew up in a rural area of central Louisiana where my first real-world job experience began as a pre-teen when I landed a job with a local produce farmer. Over the years I've also been a busboy, lifeguard, repo man, pizza maker, hotel clerk, sandwich artist, grocery produce clerk, U.S. Marine (combat veteran), university instructor, technical writer, web site designer, dot com founder, Internet entrepreneur, beach volleyball player, certified inline skating instructor, eBay Power Seller, senior software executive, and of course professional photographer. I've also spent quite some time in the classroom; I hold a Master's degree in English from Northwestern State University.

My passionate hobby is nature photography. I also collect rare books--specifically modern first editions. My personal library holds over 2,000 novels, many of which are signed by their respective authors and/or contributors. I live and work in a studio near downtown Los Angeles, California.

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Rob Greer Photography
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