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Stan Sholik has spent over three decades as a commercial, advertising and illustrative photographer in Orange County, CA. During that time he has developed a national reputation in a wide range of technology-oriented specialties for his clients in the computer, electronics, medical device and food industries.

Early in his career he began specializing in closeup/macro photography, motion-simulation and in-camera photocomposition to enhance the images created with his large-format cameras. The acquisition of a high-end computer workstation in 1993 enhanced his capabilities in all of these areas, allowing him to create images that could not be created cost-effectively with the camera alone. He is now working extensively with both 4x5 film and a high-resolution digital capture back for his large-format images and lower-resolution digital cameras for other applications.

He has also gained a reputation as a writer on both conventional and digital imaging topics with articles in View Camera, Shutterbug, Professional Photographer, After Capture, Rangefinder and other magazines. His first book, Close-up and Macro Photography Handbook was published by Amherst Media, Inc. in 2000. Stan's second and third books, Photographic Filter Handbook, and Handbook of Digital SLRs were also published by Amherst Media as was his fourth book in 2006, Professional Filter Techniques for Digital Photographers. His latest book, Nik HDR Efex Pro, will be released by Wiley Publishing in October 2011.

Self-taught as a photographer, Stan holds a BS degree in Physics and an MA in English from Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Stan Sholik Photography
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