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Who is Justin Thornton. The rumors abound. Some say he is crazy others claim he his an international spy. The more skeptical among us think he is just a photo illustrator and food photographer. Who ever he really is there is one think we know for certain, he takes great ideas and turns them into great images. You could say that is his M.O.

His Bio:
Training: Graduated in 2008 from the Art Institute of Colorado with top portfolio honors
Favorite tools of the trade: His camera and the Pen Tool (photoshop)
Last known Local: Denver Colorado
Specialties: Photo Illustration and Food Photography

Contact Information:

Category:Professional Photographers
Specialty:Editorial & Lifestyle,Food & Beverage
Company:Justin Thornton Photography
Name:Justin Thornton
Website: www.justinthornton.com/


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Justin Thornton Photography
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