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My name is Sheri Kendrick and I'm a photographer specializing in people photography.

My philosophy is pretty simple ... As an artist and a parent, I know how precious my photographs are to me. My goal is to provide you with a slice of photography magic that you, too, will hold dear.

I love images that are soulful and creative and that evoke emotion. My hope is that my photography will move people, and stir something inside.

I look for moments that are meaningful when I am photographing my own family and I look for those moments when I am photographing yours. It may be a big belly laugh; it may be a moment of quiet discovery; it may be that second right before or after a kiss that brings perfect clarity to your world.

After soulfullness, lighting, composition and editing are what comes to mind next.

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Category:Professional Photographers
Specialty:Children,Portrait,Weddings,Maternity & Babies
Company:Enchanted Forest Photography
Name:Sheri Kendrick
Website: www.efpgallery.com/#


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Enchanted Forest Photography
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