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Damon Photography Inc was started in 2004 in Jacksonville, Florida by Damon Fecitt, MA, CPP and his wife, Robin.

1990 B.A. in Photography from Purdue University
1994 Masters in Photography from Purdue University
2006-2010 Board of Directors of Professional Photographers Society of North Florida
2006 Certified Professional Photographer from Professional Photographers of America
2007 PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR from Professional Photographers Society of North Florida

Professional Photographers of America
Florida Professional Photographers
Professional Photographers Society of North Florida
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, non-profit organization

Damon Fecitt started doing photography professionally when he graduated from Purdue University in 1990 with his degree in Photography. He went on to complete his Masters in Photography from Purdue University in 1994.

His award winning art photography has been exhibited in museums and Galleries around the country and is part of the Greater Lafayette Museum of Art's permanent collection in Indiana. His photojournalist work from Ecuador was also part of a traveling exhibition that toured that country in 1991.

Damon's photographic work has always centered around people and their relationships with each other. His fine art portraiture in graduate school led easily into event photography and his photojournalistic style focused on capturing the moment rather than artificially creating scenes for a picture. The goal of capturing people being 'natural' is always paramount to Damon. That is why Damon Photography Inc. enjoys shooting on location to be where the action is, or where you are in your environment.

The specialties of Weddings and Maternity photography developed out of a love for those two quintessential times in a person's life. At few other times is the magic of life so abundantly visible for a photographer to capture! Photography at it's best should strive to be about the feeling of a time as much as a simple moment in time. Damon Photography Inc. is also 100 percent digital which means that the artist isn't done when the image is made in the camera - hours are spent adding Damon's unique style and vision to every photograph, giving the client a work of art instead of just 'snapshots'. The decision to hire a professional photographer is one of commissioning an artist.

Damon has traveled the country doing event and portrait photography and has now settled down in Jacksonville, Florida where he specializes in Wedding, Maternity, and Family Photography. Northeast Florida offers such a beautiful array of captivating environments and backdrops. Call or email to schedule a consultation to see how Damon can capture your miracle!

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Company:Damon Photography Inc.
Name:Damon Facitt
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Damon Photography Inc.
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