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Pete Helow has been a photographer since his youth. Using a Kodak Brownie camera, he documented his family's holidays, birthdays and special events during his grammar school years. Moving up to the 35mm format, he was a yearbook and newspaper photographer in high school and continued his photography pursuits with courses in college. As a hobby, he has spent his adult life capturing the activities of his children, family and friends on film.

As an entrepreneur, he bought and operated a Jacksonville printing firm for 15 years before opening a design studio and ultimately merging with an advertising agency in 1995. Helow served as managing partner for Empire Communications Group for ten years until his retirement in 2006 to pursue his life's passion---photography.

Working alongside professional photographers since 1980 in his three businesses, Helow envied their ability to capture a moment in time and preserve it in print for future generations to enjoy. Pete has refined his skills and now you can benefit from his decades of experience and pursuit of excellence.

"I see my job as capturing the essence of my subjects. I work in a studio environment to maintain total control of my lighting, I minimize distractions in my portraits and I work to know the real person I'm shooting. I think that's how you achieve superior results."

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Pete Helow Photography
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