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For me the camera is a passport allowing me access to places and lives, opening doors often inaccessible to most; a privileged, welcomed and relished trip. With it I become witness,confessor, confidant, and admirer of subject and place...From it,I accept the responsibility of the present and its record for the future.Stealing a moment and holding it forever,as a portal to the future's past, making we photographers, thieves of time."

I was born in Lyons, France, under a dual-citizenship. Coming to America, living in New York, I became translator for my mother while she struggled to learn English and adopted a different culture. We moved from the city to New Jersey, where our family still has their house allowing me a place to work from while in the metropolitan area. My home base is Miami, Florida. It isn't often one can bridge the gap between the two, but opportunity is at hand.

I visit France, my second home, taking advantage of strategically placed family in the major cities. My status and language allows me to work abroad easily and I know the country well. Growing up between both languages and cultures sensitized me to the differences between people and countries.It cultivated an appreciation and curiousity of others. It helped me greatly in meeting and interacting with people of all levels and backgrounds, a useful tool in my photography. Travel here and abroad have honed both.

I have never made the difference between art and photography. For me they are both the same for the one who takes the right approach with the right attitude. When that changes for me, it will be over.

While yesterday provides for me the knowledge and experience I apply today, it never holds me back from reaching for tomorrow. The best assignments and photographs I have made, have yet to be made.

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