I remember the first “good” photograph I ever took. It was picture of a chapel I’d seen when I was on tour with my high school choir in Victoria, BC. There was an accidental fog enveloping the steeple. It was breathtaking. That is where my love for photography began.

I love photography. I love it all! I love to figure out how the camera works. I love to work with the subjects I photograph. I am constantly learning and I feel like I cannot get enough of it!

Out of this love of photography is where I found the name 'Ashki'. I met my husband on a fateful trip to Kenya, Africa in 1999. When I officially 'opened' for business, I knew I needed to incorporate some of our family roots with the love I have for photography. That's when I decided 'Ashki' - meaning 'love' in KiSwahili, my husband's national language - was the perfect name.

Shortly after deciding to officially "open business", I discovered that I was not the only one in the family who had a love for photography.

A few years ago at Christmas, my father came to Boise with a beautiful sign. I gasped when I saw it. It was made of a beautiful 30’s material and inlayed with golden specks that had my maiden name with the word “photography” underneath. He had brought it as a gift for me. I asked my father where it came from. He told me that my grandfather, who had passed away when my father was 6, had it in his own studio. I come from a very artistic family, but this was the first time I’d known of the shared love of photography I had with my grandfather.

After having a family of my own, I realize even more, the importance of quality family heirlooms. It is my goal that your family looks back on these photographs with fond memories of time passed as well as the fun you had each time you experienced Ashki Photography.

Thank you very much for taking the time to get to know me better. I look forward to meeting you and doing the same :).

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