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The food industry prevails in Chicago, and much of Richmond’s work centers around it. From the modern elegance of colorful mixed drinks to the rawness of a medieval feast, he defines food in new ways.

“So many artists focus on 'the beauty' of their subjects; I like to go beyond that,” said Richmond. “I try to explore alternative angles and different types of lighting to reveal other perspectives. It’s this edge I feel that makes my work unique.”

Derek Richmond knows how to push the limits. His edge drives his success as a commercial photographer and inspires him to pursue personal projects that dare to be different. He has shot for Nikon, L’Oreal, Lands End, Martha Stewart, Royal Doulton, Sirius Satellite Radio, Sur La Table, Bit Of Swiss Pastry Shop, The Whirlpool Corporation, Kitchen Aid Portables, Kraft Foods, Mayo, Athenos Feta Cheese, Knudsen Sour Cream, Chicago Home and Garden, Art Culinaire, Corporate Chef Giuseppe Tentori of Boka, Chef de Cuisine Curtis Duffy of Avenues, Chef Phillip Foss, Chef Charlie Trotter, Art Culinaire Magazine, and some pretty cool rock bands.

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Derek Richmond Food Photography
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