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I love my life; how many people have the opportunity to make a living doing what they love? I've studied art since I was a kid, and as an artist, I observe, experience, and capture life's moments in a variety of mediums. As a commercial photographer, however, I'm an image 'maker.' I think of my field of vision as a blank canvas, one in which every element is there for a purpose. I create moments and visions and then capture them.

One look at Scott's extensive body of work over the last few decades, and you'll understand how he's earned his position as one of Chicago's premier photographers. Whether it's packaging and branding or national print advertising, the goal is always the same: engage the viewer, and increase clients' sales by focusing on what's beautiful about their product. Scott's style is sexy, light, and intense. He controls the viewer's eye through composition, focus, lighting, and digital technique, and creates images so satiating, so sumptuous that the consumer is drawn to the product. Scott achieves beauty in the images he creates, and he consistently surpasses his clients' artistic and commercial goals.

This work is my passion. I love what I do. The joy and satisfaction I get from creating beautiful images, and the respect and admiration of my clients brings me great pleasure. I've eaten street food in Jamaica, sampled mystery meat in Ireland, and dined on unpronounceable meals in the Lower Antilles, but nothing makes me salivate like a new assignment with a new client. I have a wonderful family, a great lifestyle, and a career many only dream of. I'm a lucky man; I know it, and I appreciate it.

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Scott Payne Photography
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