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When I was just 9 years old my parents signed me up for a summer day camp, Adventures of the Mind. I had a choice of which classes I would take and my two choices were Origami and Photography. I was instantly fasinated with the magic of the darkroom. When I wasn't in front of the camera hamin' it up I was behind it.

My real interest began in High School when my parents bought me my first 35mm canon rebel camera. I took pictures constantly and continued that path when I went to college, graduating with a BFA in Photography.

I always said that I would never be a wedding photographer, that was until a new style emerged. The blend of photo-journalism (a new found love after studying under Craig Walker a photo-journalist for the Denver Post) and fine art photography. This was a chance for me to do what I love best, to document life through imagery and create art.

Telling your story is what I do.

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Tara Young Photography
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