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Gary Tardiff is a Boston, Massachusetts based food and beverage photographer serving clients all over the world. Gary consistently provides only the best food photography in a relaxed and fun environment. The studio is a comfortable work space featuring wireless internet access, a private client conference area as well as a complete kitchen and ample refrigerated storage.

Gary approaches each project and product with a unique view to bring out it’s most appealing and appetizing aspects. He’s a perfectionist when it comes to his use and understanding of light; used with skill, and appropriately, it can make your food product look it’s unique best.

Gary has honed his skills with over 20 years of experience working with every kind of food product imaginable, blending the latest digital photography technologies with the most traditional methods of the medium. His work has graced the pages of culinary magazines, motivated diners in restaurants across the country, and is on constant display in supermarkets around the globe.

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Gary Tardiff Food Photography
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