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Susan Symonds is the owner and principal creative artist at Infinity Portrait Design in downtown Boston, MA. She started her career as a classically trained photographer over 25 years ago when she founded her first photography business, Mainframe Photographics Inc. She then made the transition to digital photography and has been all digital for the last 10 years.
Susan's focus now is to feed her creative soul by creating photographic decor that is creative and unique. This motivation has led to the birth of Infinity Portrait Design. Her passion is to photograph your moments that matter by featuring the special relationships of the ones you love. Whether it's children at play, families in the park or the fine art portrait of yourself you've always dreamed of. Let Susan's creative abilities show off your potential!
Her award winning work has appeared in public galleries and in numerous local, national and international publications including The Boston Globe, The New York Times, Time Magazine, Newsweek, Boston Business Journal, The Beacon Hill Times, The Boston Courant, Spirit Magazine and Seikyo Shinbun to name a few.

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Category:Professional Photographers
Specialty:Children,Portrait,Weddings,Maternity & Babies
Company:Infinity Portrait Design
Name:Susan Symonds


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Infinity Portrait Design
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