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I love shooting food because even though it’s a still life subject, it’s definitely a living thing. Every time a plate comes out of the kitchen it’s different, with its own personality. You’ve got to be sensitive to that.

I’ve learned from experience just how important it is to know when to shoot the picture. You can fiddle with a plate for just so long, and then it becomes overworked. I want to keep it fresh, even if it means leaving some of the imperfections, because they’re what make the food more real.

I depend heavily on the help of the talented food stylists, assistants, and production people we work with – it’s a collaborative process where everyone pitches in. Likewise, I base my business on building collaborative relationships with clients, so we can understand their needs. And when you leave the studio after a day’s shoot, we want you to have had a great experience with us, as well as getting the great photographs you expect.

How did I get here? After finishing college with a BA in studio art, I got married and moved to Boston to try my hand in commercial photography. Assisting in a number of commercial studios, I later had the good fortune to be invited to shoot a cookbook with Julia Child. Her spirit and passion for food and her generosity were a huge influence. We ultimately shot 3 books and one magazine series together. I also began what has turned into a 20-plus-year collaboration with the Boston Globe Magazine food page – a forum that’s generously provided me with the opportunity to refine my vision on an almost weekly basis.

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Jim Scherer Photography
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