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Michelle Carr is an award winning documentary-style photographer who believes that your children are your art. Michelle's art is showcasing the best (or not so best, as they case may be!) moments of your child’s life.

From pregnancy through high school graduation and beyond, Michelle strives to preserve forever the small things that you resolve to remember but too soon forget. Be it the beauty of a swollen belly, the calm acceptance of life as a newborn, the overexcited thigh jiggle of a toddler walk, the twirling dress of a preschooler, or the oh-so-cool stance of a teenager, Michelle will find a way to capture that wink, giggle, tantrum, smile, or stare so that you can vividly remember it years after it occurs.

More than a photographer, Michelle is a friend to her Clients who truly enjoys getting to know each family’s style, personality, and sense of humor and then incorporates these into her images. Her flair for fun allows everyone to relax and enjoy their sessions resulting in carefree, spirited portraits. Often, Michelle will be rolling in the surf along with her clients or, in the case of newborn sessions, rolling in whatever those naked babies happen to throw at her.

The end result is an investment in memories that you will display for a lifetime, your friends will compliment, and your children won’t ask you to take down when they are in high school. As you look back on those first steps, lost teeth, beach days, birthday parties, and leaf piles chances are your hands will be picking up the phone to thank Michelle for keeping the life in your house long after the children have left it empty…and that she’ll recognize your voice when you call.

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Company:Michelle Carr Photography
Name:Michelle Carr
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Michelle Carr Photography
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