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My name is Jessica, and I love making beautiful works of art.

I think everyone has memories that are brought to mind when sifting through their photographs or looking at the portraits on the walls- sweet to the mind and nostalgic to the point of feeling like yesterday. I have always been one to enjoy “discovering” the old photographs from when I was growing up or the portraits of my parents and grandparents. There is a beauty to photographs, a story that speaks to us even if we can not hear all the words, they connect to our soul.

I want my photographs to give those very same feelings- to show the person in front of my lens as I see them… as a beautiful, unique story, still in the making.

I love what I do and enjoy sharing not only my photographic work and endeavors, but helping others to learn to give voice to their vision through this beautiful art form.

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Jessica Kempen Photography
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