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I've been a photographer for 11 years and am loving it! I started out working in studios where I gained experience while learning and developing my skills independently. I began working outside the studio part time in 2001 with dreams to open my own studio down the road. After I became a mom to my baby girl in 2005, I decided to take another big step and go full time with my business. I'm so glad I did!

Most of my photography is created on location. I use primarily natural light to create a portrait that documents not just what a person looks like, but also a glimpse at who they really are at each stage in their lives.
From the sweet innocence of a newborn to the unique style of a high school senior to the serene moments of a long awaited wedding day, I feel it is important to preserve these events so that you can look back and relive them in a way only to be matched by the moment itself. I strive to create a portrait that shows your best side, as well as represents you and your family for who you are.

I like to photograph children in their element, doing what they do naturally, capturing that little twinkle in their eye. Every parent wants to remember their babies for the adorable little people they truly are.

I use very few props in my photographs, as too many tend to take the focus from you or your child. However, if you have an item that is important to you, it may give your portrait just the right touch. I create my photographs in a natural surrounding and only use simple black or white backdrops when needed. I don’t use scenic backdrops but prefer to create the images in the real setting, such as the forest, the falls, or even your own backyard.

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Kari Layland Photography
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