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I am an artist. So are you. I can't make my art without you. You and your odd little quirks that make you who you are. I can't make art without you and all the love you have for your one-and-only loveee-wuvvie.

Vibrant hearts, it seems, were meant to meet.

There's an artist deep within all of us. Some of us appreciate art - and some of us create it. I started creating art with traditional film: Large-format landscapes; untraditional fine-art nudes; all-nighters immersed in the magical smell of the darkroom; fibre prints for friends, galleries and publications.

Then something happened. I shot a wedding. And I was hooked. I can't imagine any other art being more rewarding.

You are an artist and I am an artist.

When we work together it's an energizing collaboration where we create fantastic images that will survive our little lives and live on in the care of the next generations. Someday, in that inevitable dusty-distant future, a relative will untie a ribbon and unwrap the carefully bound imagery we created and think, "Yeah... Our ancestors definitely had style."

Or, maybe they'll just laugh at our dated clothes.

Either way - they will be impressed by the true joy that shines through honest images.

"So Chelsea," you might inquire, "how does a fine-art-photographer transition to an alternative wedding photographer such as yourself?"

"Simple." I would reply, "I'm wired for a art that celebrates. And there's one celebration that is better than any other on this planet: Your wedding day. It's a celebration of you and how great it is that you managed to track down the love of your life AND managed to shackle them forever! You see, I just can't sit on the sidelines of that celebration!"

I imagine you have a lot of love in your life. I imagine that's why you're here. You want to capture even the tiniest part of it, freeze it in time, enlarge it, enhance it and share it with others.

I'm game!

Let's celebrate it. Let's take some amazing photos you never thought you'd have of yourself. Let's celebrate how totally hot you look today. Let's create some magic that'll make your parents cry. Let's invent something new together. Let's take some risks. Let's switch it on. Let's turn it up. Let's celebrate.


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