International Center For Photography

Interpreting the power and evolution of photography, the International Center of Photography is a museum and school dedicated to the understanding and appreciation of photography. ICP creates programs of the highest quality to advance knowledge of the medium. These include exhibitions, collections, and education for the general public, members, students, and professionals in the field of photography. Photography occupies a vital and central place in contemporary culture; it reflects and influences social change, provides an historical record, is essential to visual communication and education, opens new opportunities for personal and aesthetic expression, has transformed popular culture, has revolutionized scientific research, and continually evolves to incorporate new technologies.

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Category:Photography Education
Specialty:Seminar, Instruction or Workshop,Certificate Program in Photography
Company:International Center For Photography
Name:International Center For Photography
Address: 1133 Avenue of the Americas at 43rd Street
New York NY 10036


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International Center For Photography
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