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Sometimes your hobby can become an obsession. That's what happened to Bryan Rierson over 10 years ago when he discovered that his regular job couldn't support his photography habit! Every last dime was spent on cameras, lenses, lights, film and paper. Every spare moment was spent shooting, editing, and printing. Somehow he had to find a way to spend more time and money on all things photographic.

The answer was simple- photography needed to be a career, not only a hobby. But how? Quit the day job and go back to school? Print up some business cards and start shooting pet portraits and weddings? Spend years assisting other photographers, carrying their gear and loading their film? Bryan did all of these, and this combination of formal schooling and real world experience has served him well ever since.

Fast-forward to the present and you'll find Bryan Rierson has become sought after by advertising, editorial, and corporate clients for his ability to put people at ease in front of the camera. Well known for his work with natural light, Bryan is equally comfortable using "available light" (every light that's available on-set!). He works with both digital and film, 4"x5", 6cmx6cm, and 35mm.

Bryan is available for assignments big and small, close to home or around the world.

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Category:Professional Photographers
Specialty:Advertising & Commercial,Editorial & Lifestyle,Portrait,Travel & Tourism
Company:Rierson Photography
Name:Bryan Rierson
Website: www.riersonphoto.com/


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Rierson Photography
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