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Matt Meadows Photography specializes in science, medicine, and technology for advertising, commercial, and editorial communications. Matt has 15 years of college study and research in biology and genetics...see bio page. His science background allows him to communicate at any level in the production chain, be it... R&D, product manager, ad manager, or art director. A project's outcome is improved when the photographer understands the assignment and can add insight to what is being photographed.

The studio was established in 1992 and is based in Columbus, Ohio. Matt's location in central Ohio gives him access to a large area of the country for location assignments. Through the use of digital technology and the internet, Matt serves clients not only in the Midwest, but nationally and internationally. Any client (anywhere in the world) can view on his web site (in real time) a work-in-progress that only they can access by a private URL. This allows the client to e-mail the URL to others in the creative chain and saves precious time; unless you have time to kill and would like to visit Columbus.

Location assignments have included hospitals, clinics, universities and laboratories, as well as, manufacturing and R&D facilities. Matt has traveled extensively across the country (from mountain tops to deserts) for nature and environmental assignments.

Studio assignments include a diverse range, from large custom room sets, to table-top sets, all the way to down to near microscopic subjects. Matt does an extensive amount of product photography, especially for pharmaceutical companies.

Matt's studio is equipped with 35mm format, 120 (6x7cm) medium format, 4x5 or 8x10 large formats, and digital capture. He also has macro-photographic capabilities to handle subjects to 20X magnification. The lighting capabilies are incredible. He has electronically controlled strobes that can freeze motion to 1/18,000 of a second, do high speed stroboscopic effects, blur motion using timed delay, and do alternating or sequential firing for some really creative effects. All these lighting capabilities allow for any type of assignment possible. After the images are captured, Matt uses the latest in computers and software for digital image processing and manipulation.

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Matt Meadows Photographer
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