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Roharik has preserved the wide-eyed exuberance, optimism and fearlessness that fueled his first artistic endeavors as a scrappy little kid. Whether constructing elaborate stories that range from the old west to contemporary, or uncovering the quiet vulnerability of sports legends, astronauts, millionaires and government officials, he does it with truth, conviction and an obsessive commitment to detail.

Roharik’s love affair with the fine arts continued through college. He received his BFA in Fine Arts from The Ohio State University in painting and drawing, skills that, coupled with his infatuation with computers, enabled him to learn and master the technological side of photographic arts.

While at OSU, Roharik performed assignment photography including documenting the much-publicized split of Delphi Auto from General Motors and the Al Gore Presidential Campaign. He traveled nationally shooting executives, press conferences and other events, earning the publications to become recognized as a media photographer. He also garnered such high-profile clients as Lear Jet, and photographed golfing legend Payne Stewart. All before getting his degree.

Roharik opened his first studio in 1998 and quickly earned a competitive position in the photography community. In its 3rd incarnation, he designed his vision of an all-encompassing, flexible configuration image production studio in January of 2007. This large-scale production facility includes prime photographic real estate, a complete set-building workshop, and state-of-the-art custom-built computer technologies. Translation? It houses unlimited creativity and value for his clients.

To date he has been trusted to produce imagery for national six-figure ad campaigns. One of the studio's strengths is preparation; productions are flawlessly executed to run to the minute on schedule, making the shoot an enjoyable experience for all who partake. Among them are associate photographers, creatives, and assistants produced from Roharik's 6-year-old accredited collegiate internship program, therefore retaining the city's best-trained next generation talent. The dynamic and passionate team is known to celebrate after a day's work of creating a masterpiece - even clients like to join in.

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Roharik Productions
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