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Philadelphia Photographer, Addison Geary, specializes in photographing people on location. His clients include; magazines, corporations, design firms, universities, non profits and hospitals. He is proficient in digital capture and workflow and delivers files that look great in print or on the web.

Often, his assigning photo editor or art director is hundreds, if not thousands of miles away making any kind of on site collaboration impractical. Addison has an uncanny ability to find, the shot, in the visual chaos of any location. He refers to this as practicing, “The Art of Exclusion,” meaning what you don't show can be just as important as what you do show. He’s definitely a left brainer. Addison has a strong eye, (I think it's his left one), for composition and color which is accented by a creative approach to lighting.

Addison’s a people person, you have to be to do this kind of work. Armed with the experience of over two decades in the business, tempered by a bit of humility, and a sense humor, he establishes an atmosphere of trust with his subjects. He will do everything he can, to make them look their best.
The right tools; Often his subjects remark at how much equipment he and his assistant, roll onto a location. His usual response is that he’s basically lazy and that he will use no more than absolutely necessary. Even if only photographing one person his client will often ask for more than one situation to choose from. The additional gear enables him to light more than one location. After completing the first shot, his subject doesn’t need to wait around while the lighting is moved, and set up again. Another consideration is that location photography is hard on equipment, if something breaks, he'll pull a backup from it's case and continue with the shoot! Addison’s not fond of gadgets though, if he packed it, it’s there for a purpose.

On the other hand when he photographs an event, “Never carry more than you can run with,” becomes his motto. Two digital bodies, two zoom lenses, two speedlights, and a comfortable pair of shoes will get him through the event. Knowing when not to light is important as well, sometimes the best light, is the available light.

Preparation: Often Addison’s subject can give him only a few minutes out of their busy schedule. To maximize that time and increase his odds of having a successful shoot, phone calls and e mails are exchanged, equipment is cleaned and checked, props and backgrounds are gathered and everything is readied to pack into his silver, Volvo, V70, wagon. He builds in extra time when traveling to a destination, preferring to kill some time with a good cup of coffee, than to arrive late to a destination. The pay off comes, at the end of the session when his subject remarks, “That was easy!”

Addison has a beautiful and intelligent wife named Lori, and an twelve year old son, Wynn. Together they live with two cats and a turtle in an old house in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia. Addison does pinhole photography when he’s feeling artsy, competes in observed motorcycle trials and is a beginning kayaker. He is a member of ASMP, (American Society of Media Photographers), EP, (Editorial Photographers) and the AMA, (American Motorcycle Association).

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Addison Geary Photography
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