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Nossi College of Art is a small, private, professional college with a friendly atmosphere. We are dedicated to developing students into working professionals in the vast and exciting business of visual communications. Nossi College of Art is special because we train students in a unique combination of methods.

First, we prepare students for productive art careers by offering a comprehensive program which thoroughly teaches and demonstrates the basic skills and theories of visual communication. This traditional foundation lays the framework that will prepare students to be flexible and confident artists and photographers.

Second, Nossi College of Art is a practical college attuned to the real world. We begin with the traditional framework of a basic art foundation in the Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in Commercial Art. We start with traditional an immersion in digital technologies in the Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in Commercial Digital Photography.

Finally, Nossi College of Art is now offering three innovative Bachelor of Graphic Arts (BGA) Degrees – the BGA in Graphic Art and Design, the BGA in Commercial Illustration and the BGA in Digital Photography and Video. All three bachelor degrees will expand your creative vision and give you a major advantage in the increasingly technical and competitive visual communications fields.

If you are determined to develop your creative talent and are willing to work toward a career in visual communications, we can provide the professionals who can guide you toward realizing that dream.

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Nossi College of Art
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