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When a friend asked Kim, "What would you do if you could do anything for a living?" she answered, "I would love to be a photographer." The friend laughed because Kim had never even owned a camera at that point! If you keep trying, dreams really do come true!

For Kim to choose to photograph and specialize in children was an easy decision. Her passion and love for all children is as great as was her desire to become a photographer. Putting the two together has allowed her to pursue her dream and bring her passion into the households of all her clients. Without all the support she has received from her husband, family, friends and devoted clients, she would not be living the dream she is today.

In June 2002, Kim’s best friend, Jessica Sikes, decided to move to Dallas and go into business together with her. Jessica brings a mutual passion and love for children. Both Kim and Jessica now have children of their own and feel that being a mother brings a whole new light to what they do. The love a mother and father feel for their precious creation is something that words can not describe. It is their goal to try to capture this love through Kim’s imagery as well as all the other emotions and expressions children bring to each of our lives.

In 2004, Paola Gutierrez joined the family and now is the production manager and somehow always gets everything done while always having a smile on her face. Since then, the team has been expanded to include Shayla Olson, a fabulous graphic designer and production assistant, and Andrea Mardare, an amazing studio coordinator. Hopefully you will get to meet each of them soon.
Kim’s work has received multiple awards, including features on “Extreme Makeover Home Edition,” in Professional Photographer magazine, and multiple TV spots and newspapers nationwide. Kimberly Wylie Photography is also well known for being very active in their community and Kim enjoys using her photographic talent to benefit various organizations by donating her time and services.

What more could one ask for to not only be in a business which you love but also to be doing it with your best friend? The whole Kimberly Wylie Photography family is very proud of the work they produce and they take pride in making sure each session produces beautiful pieces of artwork for their clients. Making the decision to come to Kimberly Wylie Photography is an investment in your families' artwork for generations to come.

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Kimberly Wylie Fine Art Portraiture
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