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Dave Mead is an Austin, Texas-based photographer who shoots advertising and editorial with a primary focus on the weird and unusual.

Dave spent most of his childhood days slinking around the 8th Wonder of the World, the Houston Astrodome.  There, he spent much of his time and most of his hard-earned money cheering on his beloved Astros and Oilers and breathing the sweet exhaust fumes of countless Supercross Events and Demolition Derbies.

When not tucked happily into the 'Dome, Dave could be found on the baseball field, legging a sure double into a pretty solid single.  Or the football field, where his spiral mimicked a duck greeting 12-gauge shot.  Or the BMX track, where crossing the finish line was nearly as important as his bike's half-day Armour All job.

In high school, good grades, bad haircuts and a budding interest in the creative arts were in his mix.  He attended the University of Texas at Austin, studied advertising and learned how to bounce a quarter into a shot glass from across a room.  Blindfolded.

Upon graduating from UT, McCann-Erickson Worldwide offered Dave a bona fide, big-time advertising position.  In their worldwide Houston office, but still. A year of intensive international advertising training later, Dave could route paperwork and operate the (global) coffee pot.  Having learned all he needed to know, Dave headed back to Austin and landed a job with GSD&M, where a decade of producing TV commercials and being surrounded by great advertising led him to the world of photography.  

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Dave Mead Photography
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