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I specialize in photographing people, places and products for corporate clients along with exclusive fine art portraiture for discerning clients among Austin’s personalities. I create meticulously unique images that portray an inner life and depth of character.

My clients include American Airlines, Cowboys and Indians Magazine, PhotoFlex, Austin Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Texas, Panache, EQ consulting and others.

My photographic style -an acute attention to detail and a deep empathy with the subject that delivers that “aha!” moment or makes you stop turning the page. My favorite image - I’m very likely to answer with the last job I completed, as there is a special moment almost everywhere.

Prior to starting my photography business, I’ve been involved in design, marketing and sales with several Global 50 companies. I learned mental discipline, management and leadership through an Annapolis education and as a Weapons Officer on a nuclear fast attack submarine. [Remember, that the difference between a sea story and a fairy tale is that only one of them starts with “Once upon a time.”]

I have traveled through the years, visiting and living in exotic places like Tokyo, Beijing, Versailles, Lausanne, Budapest and Hong Kong. But now, you can find me within the Austin City Limits with bride Karen Sjaarda Bland and Scottish Terriers Cricket and Duffy patrolling the yard and keeping the couch warm.

If you’re looking for an original commercial photographer, the name is Bland, … James Bland. Images with a license to thrill.

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Category:Professional Photographers
Specialty:Advertising & Commercial,Architecture, Interiors & Exteriors
Company:James Frederick Bland Photography
Name:James Bland
Website: www.jamesfbland.com/


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James Frederick Bland Photography
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