Tori Dickson

I have received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography and am eager to enter the world of commercial photography. I worked for 4 semesters as a Photo Editor for a student media organization at my school and also as a lab assistant in the campus photo lab for 3 semesters. I have also done a few commercial shoots for organizations and stores with in my school. I have taken several studio/lighting classes and am very comfortable working with most studio and on location lighting. I am an outgoing, positive person that loves photography more than anything and willing to do anything to really get in there and learn more about it.

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Specialty:Digital - 35mm or dSLR,Lighting - Strobes,Lighting - Continuous,Film - Medium & Large Format
Company:Tori Dickson
Name:Tori Dickson
Phone:425 7705961


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Tori Dickson
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