Photographer’s Black Book offers several advertising opportunities for members. Members may elect the following types of placements on Photographers Black Book:

Standard Listing
Standard listings are the least expensive placement on Photographers Black Book. Standard listings appear in the general search results below any featured listing. Standard listings are shown in order of newest and most recently updated listings at the top. By keeping you listing constantly updated, you will improve the placement of your listing.

Featured Listing
Featured listings are premium placements that can be purchased for higher fees than Standard Listings to receive top of page placements. Featured listings are shown in order of oldest listing at the top to newest listings at the bottom but all Featured listings show above standard listings. Photographers Black Book rewards its longest standing customers by giving top placement to the oldest listings.


Banner Ads
Banner ads may be purchased by members to advertise their businesses and their services. Ads may be purchased to run Nationally or by State. Banner ads are the square ads that appear on the right side of the page on search results. All ads will be subject to Photographers Black Book approval prior to running. To purchase a banner advertising space, you must first create a Photographers Black Book profile. Once a profile is created, member may create ads by logging in and selecting the "Create an Ad" link on the Members Area page. The following types of banner ads may be purchased:

National Banner Ads -- Position #1 Ads. These are ads that show on all search results pages as well as the Photographers Black Book home page.

State Banner Ads -- Position #2 Ads. These are state specific ads and therefore show on search results pages for a particular state and all cities in that state.


Home Page Featured Image
Members may elect to purchase the home page featured image spot. This spot is reserved for high quality images that demonstrate the professionalism of the Photographers Black Book community. All images will be subject to Photographers Black Book approval prior to running.